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Wouldn't you just love to Find All the Right Words to do with bereavement in one place? You Can Now.

Funeral Poems, Readings, Eulogies & more - examples and templates.
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Dear Reader,

Firstly, let me offer my condolences for your loss. I am so sorry that someone who has meant something special to you has passed on. Not only is this emotionally devastating, it is also so very stressful and finding the right words may not be easy. This book is designed to help make your funeral words come easily to relieve some of that stress.

Did you know that most Americans don't plan their funerals and leave it all up to their loved ones to deal with -and at a time when they are at possibly their emotionally lowest point? The truth is most people don't know what to do when a loved one passes away. Do you?

But not only that - there are people who want to attend a funeral and/or a reception but don't feel they know what to write or say. This complete ebook guide is for everyone experiencing bereavement.

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There is so much to do isn't there? The first thing you may think about is preparing the obituary and funeral - and then your mind might touch on how you will be able to stand up in front of friends, family and colleagues to deliver a eulogy or reading without the emotions rising. As a hypnotherapist I know that one of the biggest fears for many people is the fear of public speaking. Perhaps I'm describing you - and then add that fear to the other emotion........well, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Let me now ask you a few important questions.

  • Have you ever been in a situation where you had to stand up in front of others and had to propose a toast or say something heartfelt about someone else, or ask a question, and the words came out completely wrong?

  • Or, have you ever been so nervous that you just couldn't get the words out at all?

  • Are you concerned about using the proper etiquette and format in all the things you have to do to celebrate this dear person's life?

  • Can you remember trying to write a letter or poem and not being able to find the right words - you didn't even know where to start?

  • Does the thought of speaking in front of an audience who are already emotionally charged cause more anxiety?

  • Are you already wishing you could find someone else to do it - even though you really want to do it yourself, or strongly feel you should?

  • Has there ever been a time when you have spoken and, instead of sounding interesting and definite, you sounded timid and uncertain?

  • Do you fear that you might be reduced to tears during your funeral speech delivery?

If you've answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then you'll be pleased to know that you share that position with countless others..............but help is out there.

Now, it's hard enough writing a usual speech, but this may well be the hardest speech you have ever had to write, certainly deliver. Doesn't it make sense to get a bit of help if its needed?

But all this is completely normal. Many people find this sort of thing challenging at the best of times, its quite natural to have these thoughts and feelings. The important things is being able to do spmething about it. Or perhaps another way of looking at it.

"To some people a funeral doesn't have to be a sad, heart-wrenching experience. It can also be a joyous celebration - a happy rememberance of the little life-chapters enjoyed together through a few well-crafted words. Are you one of these people?

Let me expand..."

Your arrangements, along with the tone of your invitations and readings can set the tone of the whole event.

Can you see now how important it is to have a range of different styles of funeral poems and eulogies so you can choose from a variety? You'll save time and anxiety by having the help and examples you need all in one beautifully presented little book that has a consistent feel and sentiment. Now lets look at why you came to my page.

"Quite probably you came here because........."

  1. You Feel Completely Lost and Overwhelmed. You are uncertain of the writing process of well-written eulogy or any of the other words involved... or you're not completely confident with your writing. You desire structure and outside help from someone who knows what they're doing and has experience in the writing field.
  2. Most "Guides" are incomplete or only deal with one area or style. You've searched and searched and can't be sure. The free stuff looks weak and the priced products all claim to be the best.
  3. You're Nervous and Upset. You've decided to do it yourself but are struggling to get started - or keep re-starting.
  4. You Want a Truly Memorable Speech . You do not want a forgotten eulogy speech - you want to present a speech that is as unique, special, and memorable as the deceased was.  You want to pay the deceased and their family your ultimate respect
  5. You'd like Guidance from a Professional. You want to know that you can have the sort of help that comes from someone who knows.

Now you can discover how easy it is to write an obituary or eulogy when you know how. Won't it be wonderful to have a guide through the 'words' at this time, with examples to take the guesswork out of it?

This is your opportunity to celebrate, honour and remember someone in a way they would have liked to be remembered - and to feel certain that you can do these things with grace and compassion, so everyone is respected; from the close members of the family to friends and colleagues who wish to bid farewell.

Just imagine how much easier it would be to have a guide and samples of all the things you have to write and say? As well as that, how helpful would an understanding of other culture's approaches and customs be when attending funerals of colleagues and friends from different ethnic backgrounds? Invaluable.

Most people will find it quite overwhelming to deliver a meaningful funeral speech - especially in front of a crowd of mourning people.

"I Believe I Have the Solution..."

       Here's How You'll Instantly Benefit from Finding the Right Words

  • You'll Save Massive Amounts of Time not having to scour the internet looking for a book for this part and a book for that part
  • You'll Get Full Access to Professionally Written Eulogies, Obituaries, readings and poems. These have been researched and taken from great words others have used
  • You'll have the Right Words for the Right Moment. Being practised and assured will help the whole process go more smoothly, thereby reducing the stress for everyone
  • You'll create Peace at a time of Sadness. Your inspired eulogy and sensitive choice of words will bring people together to joyously celebrate your loved one's life

What you'll find inside

  • Obituaries - capturing life in a few words. Examples and templates

  • Eulogies - samples and guidance on how to construct and deliver your own
  • Funeral readings and quotes that can be used - both religious and secular

  • Funeral and reception conversation and etiquette.

  • How to write Condolence Cards and thank you cards

  • Cultural Sensitivity - customs and traditions from around the world

  • Many Samples you can use to write a heartfelt, memorable and poetic eulogy.

All in all friends, this beautifully written and presented book will solve all your writing and speaking problems in this difficult time.

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With the best of wishes ,

John Sammers

P.S: You can't always influence what's going on outside, but you can influence what's going on inside